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Buying a coastal rowing boat

For the freedom to row wherever and whenever you choose, buy a coastal rowing boat, put it on the roof of your car and head to the beach (lake or river).

Coastal rowing boats are generally more stable than their fine river cousins and designed to be rowed on the sea; they are also great for rowing on lakes and rivers, giving many people the confidence to row all year round. And don’t be tricked into thinking you will be rowing a ‘barge’, they still have a lovely glide.

Some to-be-buyers know exactly what they want and have the experience and skills to row safely and effectively. Others may be new to rowing or returning to rowing after several years off-the-water. It is important to have the boat that is right for you and have the knowledge to use it safely and easily; so you can row regularly, with confidence.

“Try before you buy” – our advice is that you should try the boat before you buy – and arrange some instruction if required.

Coastal Rowing Centre Limited offer a range of lessons, outings and advice at the Coastal Rowing Centre in Studland.

We have the LiteSport 1X 5.0, LiteDuo, LiteRace 1X (H), LiteRace 2X at the Coastal Rowing Centre for you to try – we often have used boats available to purchase.


Feel free to drop us a line at
or call 01305 257 774

(If no answer please leave a message; we are probably on the water).


Coastal rowing is a risk sportYour safety is always important.

We share information on suitable clothing, buoyancy aids and how to check the boat before you go on the water.


Remember you will be responsible for your own safety so you need to understand the risks and be prepared so you can enjoy your rowing safely. See our ‘Manage safety‘ page for more information.