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Coastal rowing – Row for life

Coastal rowing combines physical exercise with a wonderful be-beside-the-seaside feeling; giving a sense of freedom as you row in open waters and a thrill when you ride the waves. A great antidote to the stresses-and-strains of modern life.

Coastal rowing is making “sliding-seat” rowing more inclusive and accessible; with boats that are generally more stable than their fine river cousins; enabling more people with a wide range of abilities to row.

Coastal rowing is growing; new coastal clubs and centres are opening; river rowers are “going coastal”; sailing clubs are adding rowing to their activities; gig clubs are buying ‘sliding-seat’ boats so they can race more; and many people are buying their own coastal rowing boat, ready to pop-on-the-car for a trip to the beach. If you want to join the coastal rowing community, we would love to hear from you.

Coastal rowing is great for physical health and will put-a-smile-on-your-face – “row for life”.

Mixed ability coastal rowing

Our aim is to make coastal rowing more accessible and inclusive. We are helping develop mixed ability coastal rowing to bring, potential rowers with a physical, sensory or mental impairment and experienced rowers, together to row in crew boats. Lets make rowing enjoyable for everyone.

Join the Coastal Barbarians

Coastal Barbarians Rowing Club CIC is a mixed ability rowing club for free-spirited coastal rowers who want to train, compete, go-on-tour and just go-for-a-row. Our “Tourist” members include members of other rowing clubs; ‘independent’ boat owners and visitors to the Coastal Rowing Centre.

Coastal Rowing League

The Coastal Rowing League holds regattas in wonderful locations, with different age groups racing in singles, doubles and quads. If you don’t have a boat, no problem, there are usually boats available to hire. The coastal rowing community will welcome you.

Coastal rowing boats

For complete freedom to row whenever and wherever you choose, buy your own coastal rowing boat. Coastal rowing boats are stable, relatively easy to transport and great for rowing all year round. Look at some of the new and used coastal rowing boats available.

Call us on

01305 257 774


Our aim is to increase grassroots participation in coastal rowing in the UK by making it more inclusive and accessible.
If you want to be involved, drop us a line.

Our current activities include:

  • We operate the Coastal Rowing Centre, Studland Bay, Dorset
  • We are developing mixed ability coastal rowing
  • We are the home to the Coastal Barbarians Rowing Club
  • We actively participate in the Coastal Rowing League
  • We support other coastal rowing centres and clubs
  • We are growing the “used” coastal rowing boat market
  • We manage and various social media channels for the benefit of the coastal rowing community.

And we have more innovative ideas, soon to be riding the waves.

Row for Life has a Coastal Rowing Centre in Studland, Dorset; so you can enjoy the stunning open waters of Studland Bay and within Poole Harbour.

We welcome beginners, those returning to rowing, adaptive and river rowers, those training for international championships, and even trans-Atlantic (to-be) rowers.

You are all welcome on an ad hoc or regular basis.

Email or call 01305 257 774 to find out more.