Coastal Rowing Outings

Recreational coastal rowing outings

The following gives you an idea of the options available for recreational coastal rowing outings.

If there is something specific you want to do, let us know.


Coastal rowing – private outing

90-minute outing
£40 per person
Maximum two people per outing.

This outing is for rowers with some experience. When there are two of you, ideally you will be of similar ability. If not, the outing will be governed by the ability of the least experienced rower.

The 90-minute outing will start with a land-based briefing on the boats and safety. We will normally stay within Studland Bay; the route will vary with the weather and tide conditions.

We will have the boats ready for you when you arrive.

‘Get involved’ group coastal rowing

90-minute outing
£30 per person
For two to five people per outing.

This outing is for two to five people of a similar ability. If different abilities, the outing will be set for the least experienced rower.

We call this a ‘Get involved’ outing as you will help rig the boats before the outing and wash down, de-rig afterwards (normal rowing stuff).  (n.b. this may be different for some if we apply social distancing measures)

We will provide a land-based briefing on the boats and safety. The route we take will vary with weather and tide conditions; we will normally be within Studland Bay.

Regulars “Row Card”

Buy 5 ‘Get involved’ outings for £150 and receive a 6th free

The Row Card is for regulars who will have already been on a ‘Get involved’ group outings.

We are simply rewarding your loyalty with a free 6th lesson.

The Long Row

Approx 3-hour outing
£50 per person
For intermediate and advanced scullers – two to five people

This is a ‘Get involved’ group outing for rowers who want to row longer distances. You will be rowing in our LiteRace 1X competition boats.

We will start with a land-based briefing on the route, the boats and safety. Subject to weather and tides we will hopefully row into Poole Harbour and around the islands. We will cover 15-20 km depending on the conditions.


Coastal rowing – lessons or training

Also look at the rowing lessons and training with the Coastal Barbarians.



Booking for all outings is essential.

When we confirm your booking we will supply more information on suitable clothing, directions, etc

Feel free to drop us a line at or call 01305 257 774