Coastal rowing boats for sale

For complete freedom to row wherever and whenever you choose, consider buying a Liteboat.

Coastal Rowing Centre Limited (Row For Life) is the sole UK distributor for Liteboat; many of the boats in the range are suitable for rivers and lakes, as well as coastal conditions.

Many people choose Liteboat for their stability as they give you the confidence to row throughout the year.

As the name suggests many of the boats are light, easy to put on the roof of your car and head off to some fantastic places.

Liteboat’s superior performance comes through excellent design. If you want to glide over calm waters; or ride the waves and surf in choppy waters, Liteboat is the boat for you.

The Liteboat range has singles, doubles and quads suitable for leisure and competitions.

You can view the range of boats at range of coastal rowing boats, For additional information, videos, etc go to




Some of our customers know exactly what they want and have the experience and skills to row safely and effectively. Others may be new to rowing or returning to rowing after several years off-the-water.

At the Coastal Rowing Centre our approach is simple. We want all our customers to have the boat that is right for them and have the knowledge to use it safely and easily; so they can row regularly, with confidence.

We invite potential customers to come and try the boats first. We offer a 4-part Learn to Coastal Row lessons to beginners and to those returning to rowing. We discuss the ways to launch, handle and transport a boat and go through the accessories you may need.

Rowing is a risk sportYour safety is always important.

We will share information on suitable clothing, buoyancy aids and how to check the boat before you go on the water.

Remember you will be responsible for your own safety so you need to understand the risks and be prepared so you can enjoy your rowing safely. See our safety page for more information.

When you have your own boat you will be able to row freely whenever and wherever you like. Of course you will always be welcome back at the Coastal Rowing Centre.

Feel free to drop us a line at or call 01305 257 774

(If no answer please leave a message; we are probably on the water).