Coastal Rowing Centre

Enjoy the open waters

The Coastal Rowing Centre is at Knoll Beach, Studland Bay, Dorset; where we have a range of coastal rowing boats for hire, offered with or without tuition. You will always be accompanied for your safety.

Rather than having a traditional boat house, at the Coastal Rowing Centre we have boat storage and trailers which we use to take the boats to the boat park at the beach. This approach enables us to prioritise our investment on building a fleet of boats and range of services that our customers value.

From Knoll Beach, you can enjoy the open waters of Studland Bay, up to Shell Bay and across to Old Harry Rocks. Going for an early morning row as the sun is rising is a stunning way to start any day.

Knoll Beach and the surrounding area is managed by the National Trust. At Knoll Beach there are plenty of facilities; a large car park, café, shop and toilets.

As well as coastal rowing there are plenty of other things for you, family and friends to do. You can relax on the beautiful beaches and go for a walk and explore the local countryside. The National Trust puts on a variety of events throughout the year. Go to

Studland Water Sports is also based at Knoll Beach, so when you are rowing, if your friends or family would like to try other water sports such as kayaking or paddle boarding, there is plenty to do. Go to

Feel free to contact us at or call 01305 257 774.