LiteSport 1X light coastal rowing boatCoastal sculling boat

Best coastal rowing boat for beginners – LiteSport 1X (single)

The best coastal rowing boat for beginners, at the Coastal Rowing Centre is the LiteSport 1X (single).  

The LiteSport 1X is very stable and easy to row.

A beginner, of almost any age, will feel safe in the LiteSport 1X as it is very stable; they can concentrate on developing the basic skills of using the sliding seat and other aspects of the rowing technique; with less fear of capsizing.

The LiteSport 1X is 5m long and weighs only 24Kg in carbon fibre so it is easy to carry (26klg with quick release rigger on the boat).

For more information on the LiteSport 1X, such as colour options, please feel free to contact us at the Coastal Rowing Centre or go to www.liteboat.com

The Coastal Rowing Centre is the UK distributor for Liteboat.

The LiteSport 1X is suitable for learning to row in safe coastal waters, also on rivers and lakes.

It is also an ideal starter boat for rowing clubs who want to make rowing more accessible to people of all ages. Many schools have adopted the LiteSport as their starter boat.


To talk about the LiteSport 1X and arrange a demonstration

Contact the Coastal Rowing Centre, Studland Bay, Dorset.